Tonico 70 & Banda Maje ✪

Musician, rapper, DJ/producer and Banda Maje’s co- founder, Tonico 70 is one of the leading-figure in the italian underground hip-hop scene. After many years of songwriting, beatmaking, MCing, live performances and collaborations, in 2022 he released his first LP on Four Flies Records, in which he connects the dots between past, present and future, presenting himself as a fully-rounded artist rather than just a rapper, and one aware of his own many facets. Co-produced with Peppe Maiellano, Banda Maje’s other founder, Antonico offers an intimate portrait of Tonico 70, who has put his ‘tough-music-smuggler’ persona aside to let his soulful side shine through, giving us a warm, funk-inspired and very original take on the so-called ‘Napoli power’ sound.  Tonico 70 has finally reached a stage of maturity in his career, one where his music extends beyond rap and hip-hop to incorporate rich instrumentals and multiple genres that carry the echoes of his experiences and encounters in the lively alleys of Salerno’s historic district, and of the people whose lives unfold there, in the heart of the Mediterranean.