Stefania Vos ✯

Southern-born, Turin based Stefania Vos has been spinning as a DJ, radio host and producer, and community agitator for over half a decade. Raised a drummer and later turned DJ, she finds in rhythm and complex percussions the implacable driving force for her sets, often spiced up with a certain degree of self-irony and playfulness. With a keen ear for sharp and shimmering sounds, combined with a visceral attraction for sub-heavy sensuous basslines, syncopated riddims and all sorts of musical contaminations, Stefania’s sets are high-octane, rhythm-fuelled bursts of energy combining all of her influences with little fear for drastic ideas. Stefania is a core member of Turin-born international community radio RBL.MEDIA, for which she operates as radio producer, head of communication and host of her radio shows. She’s also one of the founders of Imbarchino del Valentino, one of Northern Italy’s most active venues in showcasing contemporary and independent electronic, experimental and underground music. Since 2019 she is also one third of Non Frequenze Festival’s curatorial board. In contrast with her club persona, Stefania carries a personal investigation on ambient, leftfield and experimental music, reflecting her personal belief that sees interconnected opposites as the founding basis of our understanding of the world. This research is channeled in her occasional radio show Radial Tone and in two series of live listening session formats that she curates for RBL at Imbarchino del Valentino — Secret Garden and RBL Live Listening Sessions.

Over the years she took part in several Italian festivals such as Jazz:Re:Found, Jazz Is Dead, Borgofuturo, MUNDI Festival, SYS Palermo and ClubToClub, for which she opened the main stage in the 2022 edition.