Psyché ✪

The founders of Psyché – Marcello Giannini (Guru, Nu Genea, Slivovitz), Andrea De Fazio (Parbleu, Nu Genea, Funkin Machine) and Paolo Petrella (Chiara Civiello) – have been active for almost twenty years in the Neapolitan scene, in particular the first wave of the new Neapolitan Power (Slivovitz, Revenaz Quartet). Their paths often crossed in side projects belonging to various genres (from the math-rock duo Arduo to the recent synth-pop project Fratelli Malibu), until they found themselves together again as the rhythm section of Nu Genea. After the first tour with Nu Genea in 2018, he created the Psyché project driven by the desire to explore more minimal music, made up of few elements. A unique fusion of psychedelia, groove and improvisation, Psyché‘s music returns to the roots of our future; evokes visions of a mythical past, combining ancient musical traditions and mixing them with modern genres. Like a warm Mediterranean breeze, it travels across lands, seas and eras, distilling the essence of cosmic rhythms and pulsations from every place visited.