PALINDROME is an avant pop-electronic duo based in Italy formed by Paolo Peyron and Alessandro Maccarrone. Their first EP came out in 2018 where they started to share the main focuses of the project. Oppositions are explored in their music, lyrics and images, where stillness and tension, man and nature, love and hate all coexist. Crossing genres and sound, the organic piano loops flow into violent synths, the vocal lines conflict with cinematic atmospheres.

A hybrid between ambient, electronic pop and weightless music. Their debut album “Forever Endless” follows in the same direction. Fate, the destiny of people’s lives getting tangled in time and space, as well as the reflection of our actions in others lives, are the core concept behind the album. This is reflected in the mini LP structure, split in four instrumentals and four vocal tracks. Music video for “The Same Path”, the first single from their debut album, has been premiered on Music video for “Birds” has been premiered on Ptwschool.