Marco peeDoo Gallerani ✯

Marco “peeDoo” Gallerani was born artistically in the early 90s at the Link in Bologna as a selector of industrial, hardcore, first drum’n’bass and later what they called Big Beat. His marketing studies combined with his passion for DJing led him to work for 12 years for one of the independent Italian companies that made the history of dance (and not only) made in Italy, Expanded Music of Bologna Since 2006 he has been involved – as founder – into Hell Yeah Recordings story, cult Italian electronic label, renowned for its healthy eclecticism in favor of quality club culture.
Founder of the Balearic Gabba SoundSystem collective, a “non-sense dream team”, now he could be considered the progenitor of the second generation of Balearic DJs, those who grew up with the raves of the 90s and survived the digital revolution.