Guinevere ✪

Guinevere (Milan, January 11, 1998) is an artist, singer and songwriter. Born to artist parents, art has always been at the core of her attention. She soon became passionate about music, analogue photography, theatre, painting and sculpturing. Over time, she has found a way to make all these forms of expression communicate, bringing them together into her music project. Her main musical influences are folk, rock, classical and jazz, and they penetrate the genre through which Guinevere expresses herself: new folk-rock, with references to chamber-pop, jazz and classical music; a sound that collects the past and translates it into the contemporary to create something different, eclectic, northern. Her debut EP, “Running in Circles”, co-produced with Matteo Pavesi (Alice Phoebe Lou, Eugenia Post Meridiem) has been released in March 2023 via La Tempesta.