Giorgio Lopez ✯

Neapolitan producer and DJ born in the golden age of the Pino Daniele- Massimo Troisi-Diego Maradona trinity. After the release of the debut album (“Palinuro Phonebox”), the second one (“Chalet Miseno”) it’s both halfway between Italo-Disco and Balearic Beats, published on the Horisontal Mambo label by Norwegian DJ Prins Thomas (who will remix three of his songs in 2021). He returns to Naples after six years of experience in Geneva and joins the Periodica and Futuribile crew with which he currently collaborates. He has jazz-funk, underground disco and world groove in his background, thanks to more than 10 years spent playing keyboards in numerous formations of the Neapolitan scene and tirelessly digging in dusty record shops. These multiple fascinations emerge in his unpredictable DJ sets and varied.